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What is digital marketing?

Promotion of products or services through digital medium is termed as digital marketing. It is also known as Online Marketing.



Digital Marketing Process

Increasing Visibility of the brands – Visibility refers to the online presence of the brands or services on the digital platforms. Hence, the more the visibility, the better it would be for the brands. This can be increased with the help of SEO, Social Media Sites, Pay Per Click Advertisement, Directories and Websites.

Increasing Visitors Engagement – Visitors engagement means attracting users to your website with a compelling content so that they spend large amount of time on your website.


Driving Targeted Traffic to the website – Targeted traffic means bringing those users for whom your brand or business matters most. There are two ways of driving targeted traffic:

  • Inbound Traffic: Bringing users to the website through valuable content using social media, SEO and content marketing.
  • Outbound Traffic: Bringing users to the website through Pay per Click Advertising, banner ads, emails etc.

Conversion of traffic into leads: This simply means making the visitors of the website to take some form of action on the website like purchase, app install, signup etc.

Retention of the visitors: This means that holding the customers for a longer period through some sort of action like post sales services, sending newsletter on a regular basis which is meaningful to them etc.

Evaluating the performance: Evaluation of the performance on a regular basis is necessary to know what is working and what is not.