What is Google Analytics?

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What is google analytics?

In order to track website traffic and generate reports related to that traffic, google has provided a free of cost service which is called google analytics.

How does google analytics work?

Whenever a user visits a website, Google analytics executes a java script code on the pages of that website and places a cookie on the device of the visitor for tracking and collection of the data and generates the report.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is small information which is placed on the device of the visitor by the website to collect data about that visitor.

What are the types of the cookie tracking?

There are three types of cookies:

  1. Session Cookie: Session cookies are placed on the device of the website visitor when he surfs that website and it is erased as soon as the visitor leaves the website. These kinds of cookies are not meant for collecting user information.
  1. Persistent Cookie: Persistent cookies are placed on the device of the website visitor for collecting information of that user every time that user visits that website. But these types of cookies have an expiry date which means it can collect and send information up to its expiry dates.
  1. Third Party Cookie: Third party cookies are those cookies which are placed on a user’s computer through third party advertisements or banners and social media buttons available on a website page. The cookies which exist in social media buttons get executed when the user shares that article on his social media accounts.