What is PPC and Google Adwords?

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What is Pay per click (PPC) Advertising?

PPC advertising means paying for per click for the advertisement to a website owner for displaying advertisement on his website with an objective to direct traffic.

What is Google Adwords?

Google has provided a tool for the advertisers who are willing to display advertisements on google or its network. This tool is called as Google Adwords. Advertisers can create ads, select placements and audience and pay either on the basis of PPC or CPM.

 What are the types of advertising campaigns in Google Adwords?

There are four types of Advertising Campaigns:

  • Search: Placement of ads on search engine pages which is displayed on search engine queries.
  • Display: In display advertising, the ads can be delivered in many forms which are a mix of text, images, videos, audios etc.
  • Shopping: These are ads where products are being shown for purchase with additional information like price, website etc.
  • Video: The advertisements where video is displayed.

 How does google adwords work?

If more than one advertisers are bidding for a particular keyword, then Google put that keyword in an auction where the ad rank of the advertisers are checked on the basis of the highest amount they are willing to pay for that particular keyword and their quality score. The ad of the advertiser with the highest rank is displayed when the related query is triggered on the Google. That advertiser also pays the minimum amount possible for per click of that ad.


What is Quality Score?

In order to determine the cost per click of the ads and the ad rank of the advertiser, google gives rankings to the quality and relevancy of the keywords and the PPC ads. This rating is called as the quality score.

What is CTR, CPM and CPC?

CTR – Click through Rate or CTR means Number of clicks an ad or article gets out of the total number of impressions it has generated.

CPM – Cost per Mile means Cost incurred for per 1000 impressions of an ad.

CPC – Cost per click means cost incurred for per click of an ad.