What Is Facebook Marketing?

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  1. What is facebook marketing?

Facebook is a major and widely used social media platform across all age groups.  Promotion or advertisement of a brand, product or service on facebook is referred to as facebook marketing. These can be done by following ways:

  1. Creation of facebook page: Facebook pages are the profiles created for brands, organizations, public figures, celebrities etc. where fans are acquired instead of friends. Fans or followers gets the updates published on these pages just like they receive information related to the actions by their friends in their newsfeed.
  2. Creation of facebook groups: The groups are created for discussion or sharing information with related to a specific topic. Facebook users can either join facebook groups they are interested in or they can be added by their friends who are already in that group. Adding facebook users will only be meaningful only if the person who is being added has interest in the topic of the group.
  3. Facebook Advertisements: Facebook advertisements helps targeting the audience more specifically on the basis of demographics, interests etc. This way advertiser can display their ads only to those users who are most likely interested in their brands, products or services.